A first hypothesis of a Scaleup Lifecycle Model

A brainstorming session produced an initial concept for a Scaleup Lifecycle Model:


The chart is Time on the x-axis and Market Share on the y-axis.

Five stages: Preparation, Beachhead, Surge, Consolidation and Maturity:


Preparation Beachhead Surge Consolidation Maturity
Description Ensuring solid evidence of product-market fit and starting value proposition Entering the market, gain momentum from early adopters, finding the Reference Client to give us credibility with Pragmatists All resources focused on capturing or creating market share. Momentum is of the essence Become the go-to standard for the market Evolving the business model to become the de-facto monopoly of the market
(Moore Tech Adoption Cycle)
Insiders Enthusiasts


Reference Client

Leap the chasm from Visionaries to Pragmatists Pragmatists and early Conservatives Maintain mass market (Conservatives)
Key Question Do we have a clear value proposition and beachhead market How to not get distracted by Enthusiasts and Visionaries/

Finding the Reference Client

Do we continue, shut down or pivot hard to avoid valley of death When do we switch our strategy priorities from building valuation/market share to building revenues How to become the de-facto monopoly of the market